Temple History

The Balaji Temple of Great Lakes formed in Oct 2004, provides a forum for worshipping Sriman Narayana and preserves and follows the established traditions of Srivaishnava Sampradayam. The protocol for the worship of the Lord per Vaikanasa Agama Sastras has been followed in great Vaishnava Temples in India such as the Thirumala Thirupathi temple and the Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple. Sri Bhagavath Ramanuja had elaborated and codified further protocols and established them in all Sri Vaishnava temples.

Religious Practices:

Accordingly, the Balaji Vedic Center houses the Utsava Moorthis of Sri Venkateshwara, Sri Mahalakshmi,Sri Boodevi, Sri Sudharsana (Chakarathazhwar) and Sri Hanumanji. The Temple also has a dedicated Sri Vaishnavite priest, Sri Sadagopan, who conducts daily Aradhana and Pooja per Vedic traditions. Per prescribed rituals, Kalyana Utsavam for Lord Venkateshwara is being performed every day irrespective of whether there are sponsors or not. Special Thirumanjanams (Abhishekams) are being performed at appropriate timings and on all special occasions. Venkateshwara, Mahalakshmi, Sudharsana and other Homas are performed periodically to invoke prosperity to the community. The priest also serves the Indian Community by providing priestly services at devotees residence/place based on their request.

Religious and Cultural Outreach

Special music and dance programs are held on special occasions and are free to all. We are also conducting various classes such as Bhagavath Gita class, Meditation, Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam, Samprathaya Bhajan, Sthora Parayanam, Upanishads and Yoga classes. There are no fees for any classes. We also host monthly Carnatic, Hindustani music concerts and religious spiritual discourses, which are well attended.

Our Long Term vision is to build Sri Venkateswara Temple in Michigan for many future generations in North America. The temple is where it is today, only due to the generosity and support of donors like you. While we gratefully acknowledge the community's past commitment and support, both moral and financial, we appeal to you on behalf of the Temple for your continued patronage in the coming years. We request you to become a member of the temple and make your contribution. We appreciate your feedback in suggesting the required improvements in facilities and services.

Temple Growth

The temple bought the property @3325 Middlebelt Road, West Bloomfield. This new home is around 4 acres and has a built in area around 22,000 square feet with 16 spacious rooms and is already zoned in for religious purpose. This bigger temple will not only continue to be a peaceful and serene place of worship but also a center of learning of our rich Hindu culture and traditions like Vedas, Divya Prabhandham, Sthothram, for all ages. In coming years, we plan to make the temple more like a traditional Indian Sri Balaji Temple.

It is important to note that this growth has come without any special advertising or any special fund raising efforts. We expect there will be lot of new members participate in the activities and Temple will grow rapidly.

Temple Vision

It is our desire to preach and practice "Absolute Surrender to Sriman Narayana". All devotees without any discrimination based on national origin, gender, disability, caste, religion, or other beliefs may participate on their own will and enjoy the blessings of Lord Srinivasa.






Please Participate with Friends and Families and get the blessings!



May the Blessings of Sri Venkateswara be with all of us.
Upcoming Events

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