Pooja Services

*** Please Note: Devotees Sponsoring Poojas are kindly suggested to be in traditional attire. All women are requested to wear sarees and all men are requested to wear dhotis & angavastrams. Thank you for your support in adhering to temple guidelines.

Poojas Services and Pooja Sponsorship*** at the Temple

Pooja Name Timing Sponsorship²
Ashtoththara Shata Naama Archana Any time $5.00
Sahasranama-Archana Any time $21.00 $28.00
Thirumanjanam (Abishekam) 10.30 AM $51.00 On Saturday to Sri Venkateswara and Thayars
Tuesday - Sri Hanuman
Sri Venkateswara Thirukalayanam 6.00 PM $51.00
One Day Sponsorship

Full Day Sponsorship covers all the daily pujas on that day.
Sri Satya Narayana Puja 7.00 PM $25.00 On Poornima & Ekadasi
Also any days if Devotees like to perform the puja
Vehicle Car Puja
$21.00 Any day
$25.00 Any day

Temple Hours (for winter)

Mon-Fri 9 AM -11.00 AM,  5.30 PM - 8.30 PM
Sat-Sun 9 AM - 8.30 PM

Temple Hours (for Summer)

Mon-Fri 9 AM -11.00 AM , 5.30 PM - 8.30 PM
Sat-Sun 9 AM - 8.30 PM

Upcoming Events

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